Monday, 24 October 2011

My Scrapbooking

Photo has been removed for Publication

 Hi, this is a photo (above) of my Family page that I put in a my local country show. It won First prize and also won Champion Junior Scrapbooking Exhibit 2011.

My Pet page
Made my Shakira
 Here is a photo (above) of my Pet Page, it came second.

Buccaneer Marci
Made by Shakira
This is a photo (above) of my Buccaneer Marci card that got First prize. Out of 4 pieces I put in I got 3 prizes. My sister Charlotte also got 2nd place with her family page.

                                     From Shakira

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  1. Well done Shakira. You have done a great job at your scrapbooking pages & card.

    Love Mum & Dad